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Buku Gambar Labirin

Thu 14 Jan 2016, 14:13

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This application is for our children to draw or coloring or play labyrinth. There are 6 levels maze and 21 mazes for each level in this application.

If your child likes to just doing sketches in papers or you are often buy drawing book then this application is suitable for your child. With this application you don’t have to frequently buy your child a drawing book and waste papers.

Lets use paper as needed and use this digital drawing book.

With this we can Save the trees, use less paper.

Features in Drawing / Coloring Book: 
- Pencil Icon is used to draw / coloring mode.
- Eraser Icon is used to erase the sketch.
- Color Icon is used to choose color for drawing / coloring.
- Circle Icon is used to choose size of the brush.
- Number Icon is used to choose the labyrinth shape.
- Left Arrow Icon is used to undo the sketch.
- Right Arrow Icon is used to redo the sketch after undo.
- New File Icon is used to start a new canvas or to remove all sketch on the canvas.
- Camera Icon is used to save the sketch to photo gallery.
- Question Mark Icon is used to show the user manual.


By Ariyanki.


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