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How to deploy your iOS app to your iPhone without developer account

Fri 11 Sep 2015, 08:35

In my case i am using Xcode 6.4 and iPhone 5c iOS 8.4, this is what did i do:

First, your iPhone must be in jailbroken condition and AppsSync installed.

Second, modify you Xcode:


  • Close your xcode if opened
  • Go to your finder, open application
  • Right click Xcode and choose Show Package Contents
  • Open directory Contents -> Developer -> Platforms -> iPhoneOS.platform -> Developer -> SDKs
  • Copy file SDKSettings.plist to different folder for editing. (don’t forget to backup the file)
  • Open the SDKSettings.plist that you have copied.
  • Under “DefaultProperties":
    • Modify value for “CODE_SIGNING_REQUIRED" from YES to NO
    • Modify value for "AD_HOC_CODE_SIGNING_ALLOWED" from NO to YES
    • Close the file.
  • Replace the SDKSettings.plist in the original directory with the file that you have modified.
  • Open your project.


Third, modify your IOS App Project:

  • Create file Property List and name it with “Entitlements.plist" in your project.
  • Under Iphone Entitlements:
    • Add key "application-identifier" with value like value from Bundle identifier in your Project Properties. Open your project properties, go to tab Info, under Custom IOS Target Properties  you can find Bundle Identifier. Copy the value for example "MyProject.$(PRODUCT_NAME:rfc1034identifier)”
    • Add key “Can be debugged” with value “YES”.
  • Modify your Project Properties in tab Build Settings.
  • Under Code Signing:
    • Modify value for “Code Signing Entitlements” with “Entitlements.plist”
    • Modify everything under “Code Signing Identity” with “Ad Hoc Code Signing”
  • Connect your device to your macbook
  • Choose your RUN Destination to your connected device.
  • RUN


If everything OK, you can find your apps in your device. Good Luck.

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