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Deploy your IOS Apps without paid program membership and without Jailbrake

Fri 18 Sep 2015, 09:48

Since Apple launch Xcode 7 and IOS 9.0, they allow you to deploy your apps to your device with just using your Apple ID, no need to pay program membership, and don't need to jailbroken you device. I think this is a very big change, they allow and help us who feel unworthy if we pay $99/year just to learn developing IOS apps. 

In my case, i use iPhone 5c IOS 9.0 and This is the step:

  • In Xcode, add your Apple ID to Accounts preferences, described in Adding Your Apple ID Account in Xcode.
  • In your project, select your project name to open project properties.
  • Click General, under identity, choose Team property with your name from Team drop down menu.
  • Under Team property, you will see warning “No Matching provisioning profiles found.” and you will see “Fix Issue” Button. Just click that button, Xcode will create a free provisioning profile with your Apple ID and the warning will gone.
  • Connect your device to your mac
  • Choose your RUN Destination to your connected device.
  • RUN, Xcode install your app to your device.

After you see your app in your device, you will get notification “Untrusted Developer” with message like below when you open it:

Your device management settings do not allow using apps from developer “iPhone Developer: ” on this iPhone. You can allow using these apps in Settings.

To fix that, you have to do this:

  • In your device, Go to Settings -> General -> Profile, it will show you the list of developers and choose yours.
  • Choose Trust “”.
  • Done, now you can open your apps.

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