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My Woodworking Tools

Wed 28 Oct 2015, 19:58

With this tools my woodworking hobby become faster, easier, fun, and save a lot of energy.


For minimum budget, i think at least i need this tools:

Jigsaw Machine

I choose jigsaw machine because this tool can cut straight, curve, or follow the pattern. But when cut straight, i have more careful because it is like draw a line with pen without ruler. If i have more budget, i will use circular saw for straight cut.

This are kinds of jigsaw blade that i often use:

  • Clean for Wood Blade

I use this blade when cut plywood or softwood like pallet wood, it can cut straight and clean.

  • Curved Clean for Wood Blade

Cut curve or following a pattern i choose this blade. The narrow size of the blade make curve cut easier.

  • Speed Hardwood Blade

Cut hardwood faster and easier with this blade but it’s not clean cut.


you can find any kind of jigsaw blade from this:


Drill Machine

I use this when make a dowel hole, make a fisher hole in the wall, or doing fast and heavy screwdriving,

This are kinds of drill bit that i often use:

  • Screwdriver Bit

For screwdriving with drill machine, you have more careful if your drill machine don’t have variable speed or screwdriver mode, you have to control you power when pushing the button. if not, you will destroy the screw or the material.

  • Forstner Bit


I use this bit when make a hole for hinge because it has the fitted size for regular hinge and can make clean hole.

  • Daredevil spade Bit

I use this bit when make a deep hole or make a hole for dowel. it can make a hole faster.

  • Brad Point Bit

i use this when make just a small hole in the wood.

  • Hole Saw Bit

i use this when make a bigger hole, usually a hole for cabling in the cabinet.

  • Multi Purpose Bit

i use this usually for make a hole in the wall or concrete.


you can find any kind of drill bit in this url:


Palm Sander

i use this tool when do finishing process with paint. Before do painting process, the material should be sanded first to get smooth surface. I choose this kind of sander because it cost cheapest then the other sander tool and flexible.


Battery Screwdriver

This screwdriver very flexible and small size, but it can’t do heavy screwdriving like hardwood.




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