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How to make bottom load water dispenser

Sun 01 Nov 2015, 16:36

I have top load water dispenser before. We are at home always feel difficult when we replace the water gallon because of its weight. I want to make this process easy for everyone, so i got this idea to make a bottom load water dispenser and averyone at home don't have to lift up the water gallon when we replace it.

I bought this battery water gallon pump just for around 75.000 IDR and convert it to adapter water gallon pump.


First, remove the top of the pump where the battery located:

Remove until you can see the electric motor:

In the middle is positive and the edge is negative:

Change the wiring, this is the wiring scheme:

I use 4.5V 1.5A adapter for this:


To make this become a water dispenser, I have to make the box for the water gallon.

This is the dimensions of water dispenser box that i have made:

This are some photo when i made it


Finally, this is my Bottom Load Water Dispenser, i made additional storage to this box:



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